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Here is a collection of dance caricatures and prints from pastel originals by Helen Chown. All are available for purchase.

If you are interested in buying, please contact to arrange a view of the real thing as the pictures seen on this website, particularly the caricatures which were scanned through glass, are not true to colour.


These are A5 prints set in dark green bevelled mounts, glazed in narrow black frames.

They cost £20 each, p&p extra. Throw-away oversway’ is £25.

                       Barricchi waltz                                                           Hiltons foxtrot                                                                Ballas jive

                       Shinglers tango                                             Donny and Gaynor cha-cha                                          Schiarvo quickstep

          Throw-away oversway, Rivoli                                                   Foxtrot                                                                      Quickstep


These are A4 b/w prints from line drawings, individually painted with watercolours.

You may specify a colour scheme.

They are mounted behind dark blue bevelled single mounts, glazed, in narrow black frames

and cost £35 each, p&p extra.

The small prints from watercolours at the bottom of the page are £15 each framed and glazed,

p&p extra.

                                     Waltz                                                                      Samba                                                                     Rumba


                                  Old Time                                                                   Award                                                               Rock and roll

                    Argentine tango                                      Competition cha-cha                                             Ballerino

                       Boston four-paws

Helen’s Dance Drawings