Questions and Answers


Q:     Which dances does Slightly Ballroom do?

A:     Modern ballroom: foxtrot and its easy version,

         slow rhythm; slow waltz and Viennese waltz

         which is fast and not for the faint-hearted;  

         quickstep; International tango, with possible

         occasional forays into Argentine tango.  

         Latin American: cha-cha-cha, rumba, samba,  

         paso doble.

         American: jive and basic rock-and-roll.  

         Sequence: two or three popular party dances like

         the Gay Gordons.

Q:      Do you have to pay for a course up front?

A:      No. If you like it, you’ll come back anyway, but

          there is a small incentive for people who pay in


Q:      What makes this class unusual?

A:      We’re doing it for fun; everyone can learn both to

          lead and follow, so nobody ever as to sit out.

Q:      Do you have to bring a partner?

A:      No, although couples are very welcome. If you

          do bring a partner, expect to swap aund most of

          the time. Changing partners helps to avoid bad

          habits getting entrenched, and helps both leaders

          and followers to be sensitive and flexible.

Q:      Does Slightly Ballroom do medal tests,

          competitions and exams?

A:      No. This is all about social dancing and having a

          lark. Treat

          it as a foundation course. If you want to go

          further, we can recommend other nearby schools

          where you can have private advanced tuition.

Q:     What do you need to bring?

A:      Drinking water.  There are no lockers.

Q:      What should you wear?

A:      Clean, washable, comfortable layers. You will get

          hot. As this is a very informal gathering, you do

          not need to dress up. Straight skirts are no good

          at all. Ladies are welcome to wear trousers.

Q:      How about personal hygiene?

          It is much nicer if dancers manage to have a

          shower and clean their teeth before class.




              'Rock and Roll' from Helen's Dance Drawings 


           Shoes are important. Something comfortable

           that will stay on and does not stick out

           beyond your feet in any direction.

           High heels and open toes are a really bad

           idea for beginners.

           Don’t be tempted to invest in dancing shoes

           until you’ve had advice from Helen, who  

           recommends Duo Dance in Half Moon Lane,

           Herne Hill,


Q:       Who's the teacher?

           Helen Chown, Associate Member (Modern

           Ballroom, Latin/American and Rock and

           Roll) of the United Kingdom Alliance of

           Teachers of Dance; twenty-odd years'

           experience working with beginners and